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my son has so much fun in UpStreet that I don’t think he even realizes how much he’s learning."


What is UpStreet? 

UpStreet is our Sunday morning environment for K–5th graders. Your child will hang out with the same small group of kids and volunteer leaders each week as they talk about how God’s Word fits into their lives, what it means to make the wise choice, and so much more.

In UpStreet, we partner with parents to teach three simple ideas:

  1. God loves me.
  2. I can trust him no matter what.
  3. I should love others like Jesus loves me.

Each month, we focus on one of God’s "Big Ideas" like honesty, friendship, or patience. Join us in person or check out UpStreet Online weekly for fun music, games, and engaging Bible stories. Plus, we give parents helpful tools and ideas to keep the conversation going at home. Parenting is a hard job, and UpStreet is designed to help.

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UpStreet Sunday Video

Sunday Feature, September 19

LookOOOUTT… for Ways to Help!

There’s always someone to help—we just have to be on the lookout for them! That’s what Boaz did, and it made a huge difference in Ruth’s life.

This Month's Parent Resources


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UpStreet Sunday video

Sunday Feature, September 12

But What If I Need It?

Sometimes helping others means being generous with the things we think we need. Hear the story of the poor widow and see how it challenges you to be generous!

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UpStreet Sunday video

Sunday Feature, September 5

Give What Ya Got!

Hear about a lady who was generous with a little—and it ended up being a lot.

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UpStreet Sunday video

Sunday Feature, August 29

God made you with gifts, skills, and talents that make you, you! When we take our uniqueness and work together with those around us, we make life better!

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