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We miss seeing your smiling faces, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss UpStreet!

Check out UpStreet Online weekly for fun music, games, and engaging Bible stories. We want your child to know that God loves them, they can trust him no matter what, and they should love others like Jesus loves them.

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UpStreet Sunday video, from Camp UpStreet

Sunday Feature, June 20

Lots of fun on Episode 3 of Camp UpStreet! Caleb shows us what can’t be done on the super high camp swing, and we’ll talk about how following Jesus means learning to forgive... every time.

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UpStreet Sunday video, girl holding a lamb

Sunday Feature, June 13

A LIVE 🐑  teaches us how to follow Jesus, and Caleb from That Show with That Guy shows us what NOT to do on the camp blob! (Hint: It’s a belly flop! 😱 💦 😜 )

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UpStreet Sunday video

Sunday Feature, June 6

We’re kicking off Camp UpStreet with something amazing Jesus did that shows us all why we should follow him!

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Sunday Feature, May 30

Caleb from That Show with That Guy tells you everything you need to know about Camp UpStreet this summer! Don't miss it!

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